In a continuously changing world, innovation capacity is more and more a key factor and, in Autronic, we always try to improve by following the principles of quality: the products, the R&D, relations and the company cultures, become the mirror of our ambitions: every day a great job.
Autronic is history of technology, of people, of courage and choices.

Guido Rustichelli

Year after year, together with my knowledge and background, my ambitions evolved and, working in structured and organized context, through increasing importance roles, I understood my true vocation: create a successful and innovative enterprise. A place where people can share their own ambitions, values and know-how, where we produce high level products and in the 1998 I established Autronic, where my dream come true.

Today my ideas are convey to our staff, and they become mouthpiece of a very precise company philosophy, to support Autronic through new challenges in new markets and brilliant future and business opportunities.


My passion for the electronic born a long time ago, at school and later through my job experience.

Guido Rustichelli - CEO

Matteo Botti

Software look likes bridges, connections between hardware and firmware, necessary to microprocessor, but simple guys like me let them working any day

The programming drag me in the ECU’s world, where the source code fill my eyes and what I see is no more a cipher language but a lexicon, that is artificial but is based on syntactic and grammatical rules


I’m a software technician, I interpret reality to convert into technology by algorithms and diagrams. That’s my job in Autronic.

Matteo Botti - Technical Dept.

Mirko Gatti

I have always been curious about objects, I was trying to understand “How things work”. I am enchanted of the “Magic of functioning”.

My dream came true in Autronic: I can design, develop and create, I’m the creator of the magic that fascinates, and thanks to my job, this small miracle can happen.


My greatest wish was to comprehend the extraordinary and take part of it.

Mirko Gatti - Technical Dept.